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Photo by Jaanus Jagomägi / Icicle Studios


RuKis is a Estonian rye bread brand in Beijing that is making its first steps – I had the opportunity to help them out with promotional content

Hekk Pipe

Hekk Pipe

Hekk is an awesome Estonian company that makes innovative and easy-to-use portable hookahs. More info on their products at their website: http://hekkpipe.com/


Nymf Moestuudio

Model: Grete Roos MUAH: Christopher Alexander Bent & Alice Aleksandridi Dress: NYMF Moestuudio NYMF is an unique fashion studio located right in the heart of Tallinn, in a lovely wooden house at the environmentally valuable Süda street. Naif feminine forms, charizmatic pattern-games, appetizing colour-combinations, spicy embroideries, […]


Free Flow Studio Clothes

Free Flow is a dance studio with around 18 different dance styles, a drama class, singing lessons and several musical instrument study, located in Estonia, Tallinn, Teatri väljak 3 and also several dance halls around Estonia. Check out their webpage at www.freeflowstudio.eu


Free Flow Studio


Icicle Studios Showreel 2014

Icicle Studios is a photography and videography company based in London. We provide a wide variety of high quality services for an affordable price for individuals, companies and musicians mainly in United Kingdom and Estonia. Our talented team makes sure your brand, event or music will […]


Balloon Tallinn & Lennu Cafe

Balloon Tallinn is a giant tethered helium balloon that allows visitors to see the beauty of Tallinn from an unparalleled vantage point at the height of 120 meters.  



Stoves 3

The Stoves

Promotional photos for an upcoming Finnish-Estonian duo, The Stoves